When you’re looking for insurance, you want more from your broker than a one-size-fits-all solution. At Walsh Carter, we offer personalized, strategic consulting to make sure you get the coverage you that is right for you. We work with the nation’s top-rated insurance companies and have decades of experience crafting innovative plans, managing their implementation, and consulting on technology for plan administration.


Property & Casualty Insurance

We have the business acumen and strategic expertise you need to easily navigate the complex choices to make sure the coverage you have is the coverage you need.


Employee Benefits

Walsh Carter enhances workforce loyalty with strategic benefits, offering comprehensive packages to attract and retain top talent, ensuring your team's satisfaction and productivity.

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Solar Insurance

Together with our Extended Business Income Protection, comprehensive coverage is provided for any solar energy installation.


Surety Bonds

Walsh Carter & Associates provides specialized surety bond services, aiding contractors in securing projects with tailored financial protections.